National Latino Congreso

National Latino Congreso 2012
May 17-19, 2012


¿Permisos para 'sin papeles'?
Así como en Arizona y Alabama se han promovido legislaciones que restringen derechos a los inmigrantes sin papeles, en California se estará impulsando una iniciativa que otorgaría permiso de trabajo legal a los indocumentados.

Se trata del "Plan California", una iniciativa que ayer se reveló en el Congreso Latino que se llevó a cabo en el Pitzer College de Claremont, con la cual se estaría desafiando a las leyes federales ante la inacción del Congreso y de la Casa Blanca respecto a la reforma migratoria.


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Resolution 7.14 - Comprehensive Ocean Management and Protection

This Resolution was Approved by the National Latino Congreso on Day Three Sunday October 7th

Author: Ms. Adrianna Quintero

Organization: Natural Resources Defense Council

Phone: 415-875-6100     Email Address:

Show Organizations who Support or Oppose this Resolution

WHEREAS protecting the ocean is key in attracting visitors and maintaining quality of life for current California residents and future generations; and

WHEREAS protecting the ocean is key in attracting visitors and maintaining quality of life for current California and future generations in the spirit of free access for the enjoyment and protection of coastal and marine resources for all people; and

WHEREAS there is strong scientific evidence that human activities are harming ocean wildlife and habitats; and

WHEREAS two recent national reports from the Pew Oceans Commission and the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy concluded that current management of ocean resources is inadequate and recommended strengthening the protection of ocean ecosystems and restoring our marine natural heritage; and

WHEREAS scientific studies show sharp declines of ocean fish populations and in California the number of commercial fishing licenses have declined by nearly 75%, the number of commercial fishing vessels have declined by more than 50%, and the average size of fish has declined by 45%; and

WHEREAS many Californians fish to put food on their table, and the depletion of ocean fish populations is having an adverse effect on their lives and the lives of their families; and

WHEREAS scientific studies show that setting aside important areas of the ocean as marine protected areas protect fish breeding, spawning and feeding habitat and enable fish to grow larger and replenish depleted fish populations; and

WHEREAS marine protected areas also protect the natural heritage and the rich diversity of marine life, and enhance the quality of life through recreation, research, and inspiration; and

WHEREAS California will soon have a Latino majority who strongly support the protection of the environment and the ocean; and

WHEREAS California adopted the Marine Life Protection Act in 1999 to establish marine protected areas along the coast to protect unique marine habitats and enhance the abundance of marine life;

1. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that organizations represented by delegates of the 2007 National Latino Congreso support a healthy and productive marine environment, recognizes the need for additional protection of our marine habitats, and specifically support the full and timely implementation of the Marine Life Protection Act and establishment of a biologically linked network of marine reserves and marine protected areas in California waters; and

2. FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that all comprehensive ocean management plans integrate issues of limited access to coastal resources and pollution controls for low-income and minority communities; and

3. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution will be provided to the Governor of California, the California Legislature, and members of the California Fish and Game Commission.

Proposed Amendments

Author: Ms. Celia Brugman

Organization: William C. Velasquez Institute (WCVI)

Phone: 415-875-6100     Email Address:


To add

WHEREAS, oceanfront residents increasingly make attempts to block public access to beaches resulting in the exclusion of Latino and other minority and low-income communities from a relevant connection to the ocean;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, efforts for comprehensive ocean management and protection by government agencies and environmental organizations include strategies and enforcement mechanisms for maintaining easy and significant public access to beaches;